Our in-depth knowledge of all transaction-related issues means we can provide you with the best support throughout the process of selling or acquiring companies or shares in them. Our wide range of consultation services ranges from conducting a preparatory review and formulating a structure for your company for the sales or acquisition process, providing you with legal support when initiating contact with potential clients (targets), and performing target due diligence to ensure that your interests are best represented during the process of drafting and negotiating your contracts, seeing them through to their full completion (closing), and beyond. We not only represent your legal interests as a buyer or seller vis-à-vis your contractual partners as well as involved financing banks, but we also always keep a close eye on your relevant commercial interests. The same applies if a strategic or financial investor participates in your company, you establish a joint venture, or you express an interest in other investments. We are also happy to support you in all of these situations.