The legal requirements for proper corporate governance have steadily increased over time. This trend in fact predates the financial crisis. In the meantime, this has also had an immediate impact on small and medium-sized companies. As long-time advisers to both small and listed stock corporations, (private) banks and financial investors, we are fully familiar with these requirements and can gladly advise you in this regard. This applies not only to your existing external transparency and approval requirements, but also to the legal review process and structuring of your internal processes and controls. If you are seeking financing for your business, we can advise you not only concerning the terms of loan or credit agreements and associated collateral for your banks or other lenders, but we can also help you select more extensive legal instruments to strengthen your debt or equity base (including mezzanine financing arrangements, participation rights, and profit-participating loans). We have been advising (private) banks for many years, and we are familiar with the requirements they or other investors may have with regard to financing/company participation. Our consultation services go beyond the mere entry and exit of such investors to include ongoing legal evaluation.